Mozfest 2014: Call for Artists, Technologists and Curators

Announcement for participation in ‘Art & Culture of the Web' organized by codekatblog and Paula Le Dieu for a Mozilla event in London. Based around the idea of ‘networked art’, I’m sure there is something the Tumblr community could contribute:

As the Internet becomes increasingly ubiquitous around the world, more and more web users are making the transition from consumers to creators, merging art, technology and networks to build new and surprising digital art forms with unprecedented results.

What might the combination of these experiments in theory, code and creativity — a practice we refer to as "networked art" — mean for cultural heritage organizations, artists, technologists and curators? And how might creative works inform our understandings of the open web’s key challenges, from privacy to ownership, and from identity to governance?

You can find out more at codekatblog here or at the mozfestartoftheweb Tumblr here


Orange Piano Tour, Stefan Aaron [ pianist ]

Pianist Stefan Aaron is taking the art of concert piano to new heights—the kind of heights only achievable with a helicopter. The fourth stop in his worldwide Orange Piano Tour—in which he travels with the eponymous orange piano and plays it in increasingly bizarre locations—was the Munich Airport in Germany, where he premiered the song Munich Airport Soca. His helicopter-powered entrance was the most appropriate way possible to kick off an airfield show, besides riding atop an actual jet.

His Orange Piano Tour has taken him to the top a glacier of the Alphubel mountain in Switzerland, the Great Wall of China, and the Preikestolen in Norway.